About us

CAPSULE is creating a new generation of wardrobes.
CAPSULE is an app that merges your psysical closet
with your digital one – right on your phone.
With CAPSULE we want to help people rediscover
their love for their wardrobe.

Digitize your wardrobe

Digitize your wardrobe by adding your clothes
seamlessly and easily. (btw the app automaticly
removes the background for you!). Once you have
all your stuff added you’ll have a full digital view
over your wardrobe, that you can bring with you
wherever you go!

Discover your wardrobe

Rediscover all your amazing items
and outfit-combinations your wardrobe
actually consist of. Swipe through our
outfit-creator and create outfits on the go!

Create and save outfits!

Create and save outfits from your wardrobe,
to prevent any future outfit-crisis! Add your
favorite accessories or use layers to create
the perfect outfit! Save your outfits in personalised
folders such as “winther”, “summer”, “school-clothes”,
“party” ect.

Show of your aesthetic!

Add and save your favorite looks to the app
for inspiration to creative styling! Or add
aesthetic images that fits your personal style,
to visualize your own unique aesthetic.