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Frequently asked questions

Get ready for no more cluttered wardrobes, no more passive clothing, no more frustration of having “nothing to wear”, and no more money wasted on items that don’t fit your personal style.

With the CAPSULE app, you can easily digitize your closet and get a full view of your wardrobe. Furthermore, you can discover new outfit combinations by swiping through our interactive styling feature. Also, you can create and save mood boards with items from your own wardrobe.

Getting ready has simply never been easier.
CAPSULE app is for everyone that loves fashion and likes to stay organised or get inspired!

We are a worldwide community of men and women from more than 118 nationalities. Even though we are all about “from women to women”, we love to have all genders and sexualities onboard!
Girrrllll, let us give you five obvious reasons:

1. First of all, because you experience clothing crises over and over again, you never know what to wear even though your closet is jam-packed. It’s time for you to get a tool to play around with outfit combinations and styling – right at your hands. We got u, girl!
2. Like us, you experience buying even more clothes you don’t wear or don’t need. We know that feeling of bringing home a new shirt and realizing you already have one that looks almost the same or doesn’t fit into your current wardrobe at all. It’s not good for your wallet, the climate or your closet and its time to take back the power of your style – CAPSULE app got your back.
3. Sharing is caring! If you and your friends are already good at sharing clothes, huge applause to you! If you buy clothes for special occasions you only wear once, why not look into your friends closets instead. Get your friend group to digitalize their closet and make it easy for you to share clothes instead.
4. That closet is stuffed wayyyy too much!! Undoubtedly, you only wear like 20% percent of your beautiful clothes and it’s finally time to get rid of those bad habits, babe! CAPSULE app will give you the overview you have been needing. It’s time to re-discover the love for your wardrobe!
5. Do you know the feeling of wearing a flawless outfit, but the week after you already forgot how you styled it? We do… but that’s why CAPSULE app will help you lock those outfits. You’ll always have something to wear and those perfect outfit combinations surely won’t go to waste. We are here to help u!
The answer is no – we want to make it easy and free for you to re-discover the love for your wardrobe and we have made it free to do so!

No excuse to keep having those clothing crises, mispurchases or clothes you don’t wear. We are here to help you out!

The app is both live on App Store and Google Play and you can just search for “Capsule – wardrobe”. Although if you still can’t find it, you can find a link here on our website or in our TikTok and IG bio.

We want to make it as easy for you to digitalize your wardrobe and get it in order – for now you can either:

1. Do it manually by taking a picture, CAPSULE app will automatically remove the background and there you have it! We recommend taking the picture in good lighting, on a flat surface or on a hanger!

We have obviously made some easy guides for you on TikTok: Tip nr. 1 and Tip nr. 2.

2. Find the clothes online by searching for the style name or style number (you find it in the tag on the inside of your item).

If you can’t find it you can search for the brand, colour and look of the item. The magic trick is to use “Google Lens”, image search will automatically search the whole internet for your item.

Guides for finding your clothes: Google Lens, Zara style number and Search by style name

We have a few guides on our TikTok account:  Tip nr. 1 and Tip nr. 2.

If you can’t find your item online and you have tried using Google Lens (see “How do I add my clothes”), take a picture manually and CAPSULE app will automatically remove the background. We recommend taking the picture in good lighting, on a flat surface or on a hanger!

You can either go to the outfit creator in the menu bar on the bottom of the screen or you can go to your profile, go to “Outfits” and tap the “plus” button. Now you can swipe through tops, bottoms and shoes. 

After finding an awesome outfit, tap “Next” in the top right corner and now you can play around with the items, add layers, accessories and outerwear. Finally, tap “Next” in the top right corner once again and add it to a category the outfit fits into. 

We are looking forward to seeing and getting inspired by your outfit creations and combinations!

Once you have downloaded the CAPSULE app, you don’t even have to create a profile to start finding inspiration in other peoples, influencers or friends wardrobes. You can just go to the second tap in the menu bar on the bottom of the screen and scroll through beautiful wardrobes.

 However, we have highlighted some pretty wardrobes for you below the search bar in the home page. If you would like to find a specific profile, you can search for it using the search bar.

It’s totally up to you! When you create your profile the standard setting will be public and your friends and our lovely users will be able to find inspiration in your beautiful wardrobe. 

However, you can easily switch it to being private by going to your account in the bottom right corner and tapping the settings in the top right corner. Here you will be able to switch between a public or private account.

You can find our privacy policy at the bottom of this page if you want some hardcore law-reading stuff.

Everyone has their own personal style and identity, which is the great thing about fashion! We have designed the CAPSULE app, so you can express that style just how you want to through your own unique account. 

You can upload your items and put them into categories and subcategories, so you can get that overview you usually are missing in your physical closet. 

Also, you can add lookbook pictures of your daily outfits or you can add your own category of pictures you get inspired by on IG, Pinterest or Tiktok. With this intention, you will have all your inspiration in one folder.  Show us a unique way of styling your clothes!